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The Re-imagining of a Bagel Shop

We here at Brayton Construction had only one vision in mind when crews began operations on the brand new Kettleman’s Bagel Co. store located at 197 Trainyards Dr., Unit 6, Ottawa, ON. It was to re-define the customer experience for… Continue Reading →

Bigger is Better

Don’t kid yourselves folks, bigger is certainly better! At least when it comes to bagels, or more specifically bagel ovens. Brayton Construction has been busy overseeing the high-profile design and build of Kettleman’s Bagel Co’s. newest store at 197 Trainyards… Continue Reading →

The Good, the Bad, and the…Updated

We thought this was a fitting title for the Richmond Road Project, seeing as the once out-of-date apartment building used to look like it was designed and constructed back in the 1960’s just like the Clint Eastwood motion picture. ‘Used… Continue Reading →

A Basement Fit for A King

While it’s no castle, this finished basement renovation has a certain sense of nobility. This project boasts a variety of complementary amenities including  a fireplace installation,  Barn-Door Expansion,  and the complete demolition and replacement of the original staircase.             Our… Continue Reading →

An Ode to Drywall

In a lot of ways, Drywall is underrated. Look around your home, it is everywhere, yet many do not fully appreciate its functionality.  It’s the only thing separating you between your insulation. Brayton Construction knows all too well the virtues of… Continue Reading →

The Finer Things in Life

The great sculptor Michelangelo once said, “The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.” We here at Brayton Construction aren’t going to pretend that we know exactly what that means but we do know art when… Continue Reading →

No Rest for the Wicked

Just like our country’s National Animal, we here at Brayton Construction keep ‘beavering’ away at one of current restoration and renovation sites, the Mount Shannon Project.  With the tile and hardwood floors now installed, crews have moved on to trim work,… Continue Reading →

Home Restoration Progress Report- The Mount Shannon Project

The Mount Shannon Project in Barrhaven is coming full circle.  The once fire-stricken duplex is in the final few laps of a marathon home restoration & renovation. Brayton Construction & Project Management crews are currently re-modelling the kitchen.  Tile floors… Continue Reading →

Ottawa’s New Leader in Custom Home Design & Builds and Home Renovation Projects

Brayton Construction is currently involved in two distinctive projects; A restoration project on Mount Shannon and a custom home build on Fernbank Road. Feel free to browse through our gallery for progress updates.

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